Our Big, Little Girl Turns 4

My baby girl turns 4 on Wednesday.


It has been 4 years since she came into the world and changed me into someone I never thought I would be. 4 years that I have been a stay-at-home Mum, 4 years of putting someone else above and beyond myself, and 4 years of worry! Worry you are doing it wrong, how to be a good Mum, whether a cough is more than a cough; whether you’ve made the right decisions.

We have a Princess Party planned for Saturday. I don’t remember organising anything so thoroughly since our wedding! I am hoping she will remember it always.


Looking through old photos is a nostalgic walk down memory road; photos of Sydney in the hospital and Jack holding her for the first time. Then photos of her on her first birthday wearing a dress that Morgan now wears. Onto photos of her second birthday where her hair is wild and much longer and where everything was Minnie Mouse related and all our relatives wore Mouse ears when we celebrated. Then photos which were only taken last year, when it was full on Frozen themed, blue icing and an Elsa cake – but still Sydney looked like a little girl.

This year, she looks taller, has an opinion about everything, her hair is really long and she is going to be starting school in September. Gulp.

Everyone warns you “it goes so quickly…” but you never really think it does when you are living it.

When you are going through the no sleep phase, it feels like time is standing still.

But…it is true. It is all going really fast and I wish I could just pause time, just to capture the girls’ ages right now and just hoping every day that we can create enough memories that we will all be able to treasure it all forever.


  1. Aww, your right it does go so fast! Its almost our Mia’s 3rd birthday and it seems crazy to be planning a party for her! We too are having a Princess Party and it will be her 1st proper party as we have just had family tea parties so far. I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday and enjoys her party! 🙂


    • Same here…we have just done family tea parties until now and got away with it (just) last year by saying she would have a party for her 4th birthday. Good luck with Mia’s princess party…I didn’t anticipate how stressful organising it would be! x

  2. Aww such a lovely post, time really does fly by doesn’t it? I hope Sydney has a lovely princess birthday party. School in September, I bet that’s a scary thought!xx #maternitymondays

    • very scary thought! She is quite excited about the idea but I am dreading it! Thank you for your lovely comment xx

  3. My little girl was 4 a couple of weeks ago, I too can not believe how much she has changed in the past 6 months and am not sure she will be ready for school. I hope she has a lovely birthday. #maternitymondays

  4. Awww what a beautiful post 🙂 birthdays are so special and you’re right about pausing time it just goes by so quickly. I hope the princess party goes well, looking forward to seeings some photos. x #TwinklyTuesday

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Thank you for the good luck wishes…eeeeek! Hoping it will go smoothly! I will definitely post some photos xx

  5. Happy 4th birthday for tomorrow! My baby girl is 4 on Tuesday and I am also shocked at where that time has gone and the thought of school in September!! I’m just not ready for it!!! #TwinklyTuesday

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