Children and Weddings – When it works it’s lovely!

Where has this week gone? It has absolutely flown by! This time last week we were getting ready for my sister’s wedding reception and had been to the field where it was taking place to help get last minute things set up.

My little sister actually got married in Vegas back in April (and I was lucky enough to be able to join her for the beautiful ceremony), but the UK wedding reception took place last Saturday in a field in Smarden.

Everyone was excited about it. I had dresses made for the girls from a super-talented local lady called Tessa who makes dresses and has a company called Tatty Tess. I met and spoke to her about the wedding and she loved the sound of getting involved.

The wedding had a festival theme and I wanted the girls to have festival-themed dresses, which were still really pretty. We chose some Flower Fairy fabric and Tessa went to work and made dresses and matching hats. They looked so adorable!

Most of the other guests were camping in the field that the wedding was taking place in but I didn’t feel brave enough to do that! We were offered a caravan in the field next door and we planned to keep the girls up for as long as we could and then take them back to the caravan when they had had enough. We were then going to take it in turns to look after them.

The caravan was a tiny bit cramped! We ended up putting Morgan’s travel cot on top of the main double bed and wedging it in, and setting up a space for Sydney alongside her. Jack’s bed and mine was the seating area turned into a bed. I had no idea how we would sleep but it didn’t really matter for one night.

The party didn’t start until 4pm. We had the whole thing of making sure Morgan had had a sleep before we went, that Sydney had eaten enough and wasn’t being too over-excited and silly, and getting everything together for only one night away was fairly stressful as always. However – by the time we arrived at the caravan to get everything set up, get the girls into their dresses and me into mine (eeek!) we went to join the other guests.

We took the pushchair with us, laden with everything the girls might need – drinks, ear defenders, bunnies, bibs, changing stuff – I never get over how much stuff we still need when we go anywhere.

Everyone adored the girl’s dresses and even though it was such a hot afternoon, they both coped amazingly well – lapping up all the attention and enjoying meeting so many new people. It was brilliant seeing them run and crawl around in the sunshine, knowing they were safe.

My sister and her husband arrived by tractor and they both looked wonderful. Sydney was so excited to see them both and to see them on a tractor was even more spectacular! Sydney went to see my sister straight away and gave her some flowers that we had gone to pick ourselves at a pick your own flower farm called Blooming Green (which was just amazing and the perfect thing to do with children).

The wedding party was brilliant for the girls really – it was really informal and there wasn’t a service they needed to be quiet in and there wasn’t a sit down meal where I would be worried whether they would eat the food or want to get down after 10 minutes.

The food was a hog roast, which was available from the moment we arrived, all through the evening. The girls really tucked in – Morgan ate a ridiculous amount whilst sitting on a hay bale on Jack’s lap and Sydney was happy to pick at things throughout the afternoon. Sydney loved going to the bar with money from my purse to ask for apple juice. She loves the whole process of buying things in shops and giving over the money and being able to take the item away. The simple things keep her happy!

When the band started playing it was quite loud so I put ear defenders on both of the girls. Morgan didn’t seem to have a clue what was going on! She just looked so inquisitive about everything. Sydney loves dancing and wanted the ear defenders on at first but then asked to take them off as she really enjoyed the music. One of my favourite moments of the evening was all of us dancing together on the dance floor.

When Morgan started to look really tired I got her bunny out of my bag and she was happy being held and sucking that. She was then happy to go to sleep in her pushchair, with her ear defenders on with a Snooze Shade over her! I couldn’t believe that she was asleep! I kept checking on her to make sure she was ok.


Sydney was also getting tired but hung on a bit longer. She wanted to be up and to join in, but equally her legs were tired so she wanted to be carried when we were dancing. It was brilliant exercise though and my arms killed for days afterwards!

Sydney hasn’t fell asleep on me since she was a baby but that night she fell asleep on her Uncle on the dance floor! I don’t know what we were thinking, but at the spur of the moment we just wondered what would happen if we put her down on a hay bale at the side of the dance area – and she actually stayed asleep! I found a blanket that was draped over another hay bale and put that over her, and she rolled over and went to sleep. It was unbelievable!

Everyone kept asking us where the girls were. When we showed them Morgan in the pushchair and Sydney asleep on a hay bale, they could not believe it and neither could we!

We stayed up dancing and drinking until just after 11 when we felt that we had pushed our luck enough, and decided to take the girls back to the caravan. Although they both woke up once we got back, once we had got them into their pajamas and into their beds, they both went back to sleep.

It was an unforgettable day and evening – not just because we saw my sister and her husband looking incredibly happy, but also because, as a family we were all able to celebrate with them properly. It also taught me that the girls were a lot more flexible than I imagined they would be, and that sometimes, it really is important to just go with the flow, and have fun (however, our heads the following morning when Morgan woke up screaming as she didn’t know where she was, was not fun at all!)


Photo Credit: Emily Faulder Photography – Thank you for your brilliant photos! 

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