A Rare Night out for Mum and Dad

It’s my husband’s birthday today and we have a night out organised for tomorrow night. It sounds a bit silly really but I feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness about it.

Excited, because we are going out together with a group of friends for the first time in years, and nervous, because we are leaving Morgan for the first time to be put to bed by someone else.

It’s not like Sydney hasn’t been left before, as she has, and has spent nights at my parents and Jack’s parents, multiple times. When Morgan was born she spent that night at my Mum and Dad’s.

It’s also not like I have not left Morgan overnight before, as I have a few times now. Once, to go to my sister’s hen-do, and then to spend three nights away in Vegas for my sister’s wedding!

With Sydney I didn’t spend a single night apart from her until she was nearly two!! Silly really.

But the thing that makes it different for me is that when I was at the hen do, and in Vegas, Jack was here putting Morgan to bed, so she had someone here she was used to dealing with.

Who knows how she’ll be Friday night. Will she wonder where we are? Will she settle ok? Will my mum remember to give her “bunny”?

The list of questions and worries I have is endless and we are only away from 3pm on Friday until lunchtime on Saturday! It isn’t even 24 hours!

The list of instructions spans four sides of A4, along with a list of additional information that they might need – where the bottles and formula are if they need to just give her a bottle (despite her being in her 3rd week now without them!). I have also not packed up the steriliser or perfect prep machine yet, just in case they need to just use it!

I feel fine about leaving Sydney as she is perfectly happy with what is happening and knows we’ll be back the following day, but Morgan – well – she is only little…she doesn’t know why we are going and whether we will be back.

We are going out in town, a group of 12 of us, all friends from NCT and all in the same boat.

Baby-sitters have been organised months in advance, everyone is looking forward to actually being able to have a conversation – all the way through – no interruptions. We are all looking forward to a drink and a meal, and a few more drinks. We will all, no-doubt, revert to conversation about the children and babies, but we will all be able to relax, hopefully.

But, the Mum’s will all have their phones on the table, wondering if they will get a call – wondering if they will get a text reassuring them that things are ok and the children went down alright, or whether it will be an urgent phonecall asking them to come back, everyone hoping everything is ok but breathing a sigh of relief that it isn’t them being called back.

I am looking forward to spending time out with Jack, dressed up and with a group of friends that have seen me at my very best and my very worse. They are the best friends I could have ever imagined and I can share everything with them. We met through NCT the first time round, but then, randomly all fell pregnant with our second’s around the same time, so the three year olds all have a group of friends, and the babies have a group of friends too. It is magical.

Writing this has actually made be feel more relaxed and more excited about it all – and less nervous (ish!)

Both girls are well behaved and I just have to have everything crossed that Friday night is no different. Also, if things really do go wrong, we will just have to cross that bridge when it comes to it. I am sure my Mum and Dad wouldn’t call us, unless things were really bad – and how bad could it get?

I will let you know!

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