What’s in a Name?

We found out we were having girls both times round, with both Sydney and Morgan, so it was only up to the twenty week scan mark that we had the joy of arguing over both boys and girls names. Then, once we knew they were both girls, we could stop the arguing (well almost!) and concentrate on choosing girls names.

The intent wasn’t really to choose two quite gender-neutral names, it just happened like that!

I was quite keen to have names that meant something or had a reason behind why we had chosen them. Jack had a very, very definite opinion on whether he liked or disliked a name. I remember going through lists and lists of “unusual” names and Jack shooting me down on all of them! I really liked the idea of names that weren’t too normal so I trawled the Internet for some really obscure choices.

My Grandfather was called Sidney – and I was keen to have a “Sydney” as a girl in memory of him. My Grandmother’s name is Rose and we felt that Sydney and then Rose for a middle name, went together well. Another name on the short list was Darcy and it came right up Sydney’s arrival that we finally decided on Sydney Rose, but now I really can’t imagine having called her anything else.

Jack’s Uncle had recently died when I fell pregnant with Morgan. His name was Peter Morgan. We called Morgan in memory of him. Morgan’s middle name is Lily, which was my other Grandmother’s middle name. She died before I was born and was my Mum’s Mum. There weren’t really any other choices at all for Morgan. We were absolutely certain that would be her name.

One thing, we did differently between Sydney and Morgan was not to tell anyone what we were thinking of in terms of names. With Sydney we did tell people we were thinking of calling her Sydney Rose, and the reaction was not great! It really upset me and made me really worry about whether we were choosing the right name for her.

With Morgan, we landed everyone with it when she arrived so we didn’t get any of the “opinions” we had had with Sydney. It was definitely the right thing to do.

Both girls are confident and feisty, whilst being incredibly girly in other ways and I hope that they continue to be like that as they get older. Choosing their names was definitely one of my most favourite parts of being pregnant, and it is a joy to see how their names are going to define their characters as they grow up.

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